Hag stone and Horseshoe amulets

Everyone knows about lucky horseshoes and many know of the protective power of the hag stone, but this ancient amulet from England combined the power of both and was used to protect houses, barns and stables. The two examples featured here use copper wire to connect the hag stone to the horseshoe, but they can also be found tied with ancient string. We know of examples where very large carthorse / shire-horse shoes have been threaded with three hag stones.


The amulet in the upper picture comprises a very lucky find – a genuine Roman horseshoe + a hag stone found on Brighton beach many years ago.

In the picture below, the horseshoe was found near Oxford and maybe 300 years old with some of the nails fused in place, the stone was again, found on Brighton beach. Both horseshoes have been covered in a coat of exterior grade varnish to protect them from further corrosion.


To make one, loop thick string or copper wire and pass the two ends of the loop through the hold in the hag stone and thread the ends through the upper nail holes in the horseshoe, knotting or twisting (in the case of copper wire) the ends. Suspend above the entrance to your house.

It is considered best to use a horseshoe and hag stone that you have found, but as this is not always possible, buy them if need be. If you see one hanging above someone’s door, chances are that the owner knows a little something about witchcraft!


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