The Learning Program

You will enter our Path as a Probationer and follow a specific teaching program through Probationer Grade. Upon completion of Probationer Grade, you may decide to discontinue studies or elect to study further and deeper. Should you elect to do so, you will become a Neophyte member and be required to swear an Oath to work diligently towards the First Degree Initiation. Having sworn the Oath, you will then progress to a more in-depth study, which will also include practical work. Upon the successful completion of Neophyte Grade, you will be offered the opportunity to undertake First Degree Initiation.

Following Wicca, our Coven has three degrees, but the teachings are very different from Wicca and relate to Traditional English Cotswold Witchcraft.

It should be noted that the pre-initiation work required of  new members is similar to the work required of the follower of Wicca. However, after Initiation as a First Degree Witch the teachings and practices are often radically different.

Probationer Grade

1, Probationer Application Form

2, Glossary of Terms

3, Equipment List

4, Reading List

5, Introduction to Working Tools

6, Introduction to the Gods of the Craft

7, Preparation for Ritual Work

8, The Robe

9, Two Worlds

10, Wheel of The Year

11, Casting the Witches’ Circle

12, Probationer Project

13, Pre-Dedication Test

14, Pre-Dedication Ritual Work

15, Dedication Rite and Oath


Neophyte grade

Neophyte training is for those who have successfully completed Probationer studies and as such is bound by an Oath of Secrecy.

Neophyte subjects include Talismanic Magic; Divination by Runes, Tarot and Astrological Geomancy; Spell-work; Meditation techniques; Herb lore and herb use; Incense manufacture and use; Ritual work and much more.

Upon the successful completion of Neophyte Grade the member may choose to request Initiation as a First-Degree Witch.