Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions you may wish to read before considering joining our Coven:

  • How do I join?

By downloading and completing our Application for Membership and emailing it to us at

  • Is it possible to meet prior to joining?

We prefer to meet potential members in a public place for coffee and a chat prior to any meeting with the Coven where possible. We strongly advise anyone thinking of joining a Coven to do the same. There are reputable Covens and disreputable Covens. Your safety is important.

  • How often does the Coven meet?

Presently we meet once a month, although this may at times alter.

  • Is attendance obligatory?

Attendance is not obligatory for pre-Initiate levels, however, it is strongly advised. However, if a member wishes to receive Initiation, the requirement for attendance is indispensable.

  • If I don’t attend, how do I learn?

Our online courses contain a mass of information and training materials. You must complete these step-by-step in order to progress. Your work is submitted to an allocated mentor, who will guide you and correct any errors.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden charges of any kind, however, if attending a Retreat in which food and accommodation is required, members are expected to contribute an equal share.

  • Does your Coven hold open rituals?

No, we don’t. Our meetings (Esbats and Sabbats) are for members only.

  • Does part of your practice include the worship of deities?

Yes, but in a traditional pagan manner.

  • What deities do you worship?

We hold that there is a male and a female deity, but we do not feel it appropriate to be over-prescriptive in this respect to our members and therefore provided that members accept that there is duality in the Divine, we leave it to them. It should be noted, however, that chosen deities must be European in origin.

  • I’m a little shy and concerned that I won’t fit in?

The Coven is friendly and welcoming and we go out of our way to make new members feel at ease so that they quickly assimilate as a member of our Coven.

  • What is the age range of the Coven membership?

We have members ranging from 21 through to our oldest member who’s 75. We do however require members to be reasonably fit and physically active.

  • Do I have to be 21 to join?

Yes, unfortunately, we do not accept members younger than this age.

  • Does the Coven practice any form of animal sacrifice?

No. We do not accept that animal sacrifice has any part in our practice.

  • Are your rites Skyclad (naked)?

No. Our rites are conducted in robes of types according to the grade of member.

  • Does The Great Rite form a part of First, Second, or Third Degree Initiation?

Our Coven does not follow Wicca in this regard and we do not believe that to achieve any Initiatory Degree a sexual act must be performed. Indeed, we regard this as fraught with potential for abuse. So the answer is a clear no.


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